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Kimra Bettasso

Kimra Bettasso is a 401k plan advisor.

The founder of a company that addresses a number of issues relating to finance and investing, Kimra Bettasso oversees every aspect of her company’s operations while also directly assisting clients in her capacity as a financial advisor. The company, RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit, is a respected member of the finance and investment community due to its ability to offer investment advice that consistently considers the unique needs of each individual client. In founding her company, Kim Bettasso set out to provide better access to the kind of investment advice that best positions clients for financial security throughout their retirement years.

While the services of RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit are certainly beneficial to those who are reaching retirement age, Kim Bettasso has repeatedly stressed the importance of sound investment strategies regardless of the number of years before retirement. Solid financial planning should begin as soon as an individual enters the workforce, and RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit has created a series of modules that has been posted to its YouTube channel to reinforce this notion. The series includes vital information on an array of subjects, including diversification, asset allocation, vesting and company matching contributions, along with a variety of other videos addressing a number of subjects relating to finance and investment strategies.

Through RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit, Kimra Bettasso and her staff have provided clients with access to the kind of individualized investment plans that are most likely to ensure future financial security. The firm frequently consults companies whose employees are in need of a deeper understanding of issues relating to their 401K plans, and it also works with clients on a case-by-case basis. The company was founded due to the lack of access to the services that Ms. Bettasso is now able to provide through RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit, as it became increasingly clear to Ms. Bettasso that there were a great deal of people who had not considered the importance of planning for their financial future.

Ms. Kimra Bettasso’s company has grown quickly and has already undergone expansion, but the founder and financial advisor has continued to maintain her high standards for customer service while ensuring that clients are able to discuss all of the varied factors that should be considered in a financial planning session. RETIRE LOGIC & 401K Legit has established itself as a leader in the industry due to its individualized approach to financial planning, and Ms. Bettasso has made it a priority for the company to continue to operate in this way.

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  1. Beach says:

    Updated links for Kimra.

  2. Beach says:

    Added image of Ms. Bettasso.

  3. Rodney D. says:

    Great bio Kimra, do you have any plans to do any 401k training in Mississippi? My company desperately could use your help. Our 401k plan manager is new and hasn’t ever administered a plan before!

  4. Lost in NYC says:

    I have often wondered how 401k plan companies make money? Do they make money on the spread, fees? I understand real estate, but my 401k is a mystery!

    I contribute to the account because my employer matches 3% to my 3% and it feels like free money.

    My concern is that one day my 3% will be gone along with their 3% because I don’t know what is happening to the money.

    Can you help?

  5. Jacquelyn Trunk says:

    I’m still not too sure what a 401k is. What’s the difference between that and an IRA?

  6. Beach says:

    More info about Kimra’s 401k Logic company can be found in her interview: https://ideamensch.com/kimra-bettasso/

  7. Great bio and great read! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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