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3D rendering is an impressive feat of technology which has just recently entered the field of architecture. Companies like Renders 3D Quick can help clients take ideas or floor plans and turn them into realistic three-dimensional images. How does this change the way that realtors work?


Imagine that you are describing an idea for a new building. You can imagine it in your mind, but can only use words to describe it. Now think about how powerful it would be to give someone the exact same images that you can see in your mind. You could show them the shining window surfaces, the way the roof is angled, and the way it would feel to walk into the building. These powerful images could help you sell your idea. In addition, a three-dimensional rendering of a place means that real estate agents clients no longer need to be physically present in order to experience a space. Let’s go over both changes.


Real estate agents know how powerful visuals are when it comes to selling. They might have to wait for a spec house to be built so that they can walk potential buyers through the room and show them what space looks like. With three-dimensional rendering, a real estate agent could begin selling a home before the home is even built. Instead of just describing it, they could ask a company like 3D Render to make a complete three-dimensional virtual reality visual of the house. This would give the potential buyer a visual experience of the house, and the real estate agent could sell it before it is even built.


The second major change for the way Realtors work will come from the physical location aspect of making a sale. Instead of waiting for busy times of the year or fluctuations in a tourist economy, a realtor will have the power to make sales regardless of the physical location of the customers. This opens new avenues of marketing and customer targeting. Realtors from any area can now target customers in any area of the world, regardless of the convenience or ease of attending a showing. A potential buyer will no longer need to be physically present in order to see a three-dimensional model, visually, of what the house or space looks like. Because a virtual reality space can be multiplied an unlimited amount of times, a realtor can “show” space virtually much more times than he or she could physically show it.


A three-dimensional image of a building is much more impressive than a two-dimensional photograph or floor plan. Although the potential buyer will want to eventually walk through the property in person, the 3D image will go a long way towards giving them a feel for space.


Real estate agents have been leveraging 3D images since the products first became available. Agent Shawn Battle is one example of a real estate agent who began using 3D imaging early and has found success with it. Do you use 3D imaging in your real estate practice? If not, do you think that you want to try it?

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5 Tech Tools That Make Home Buying Easier Thu, 25 May 2017 21:56:30 +0000 The process of buying a home can be an enjoyable experience when you have the right tools. Many factors go into the buying decision. Technology has made it easy to collect, analyze and share resourceful information quickly. This enables you to make decisions faster than before and simplify the process. Consider factors such as the location, cost estimates, a reliable realtor, moving, decorating your new home and keeping up with property tax.

Let us look at five tools that can make the process of buying a home easier.


  1. Real estate directories and search engines provide a convenient way to find important information about a home. With an internet connection, you can search, view locations and prices, and read reviews about specific localities. Some of the popular services include Zillow and Trulia among many others. You can obtain useful information such as local amenities, transport systems, and home value trends. It is an excellent option to help you figure out where to buy.
  2. Mobile phone apps have become the first stop in our search for information. The real estate sector enjoys a variety of applications that enable you to obtain and process information. There are real estate apps to allow you to get an intelligent agent, estimate the amount of mortgage, view floor plans of proposed houses, plan your move, and decorate your house among others. The apps are cross-platform and available to all devices making this a convenient way to accelerate the home buying process.
  3. Online maps and GPS services provide a convenient way to get a visual impression of the location. Google Maps is an excellent option but compare with available local providers offering niche information. GPS systems come as a standard in most vehicles today, and this makes the perfect case to take a trip out to a proposed home. Updated maps provide a realistic presentation of the location.
  4. Everything looks better on video. Modern digital cameras and mobile devices allow inexperienced users to take clear videos. Aggregate and edit the videos to highlight important sections. Streaming services are available to enable seamless sharing. A video is an excellent way to virtually walk through the property and document different options for quick comparison. It’s a great way to capture the details that cannot be included in the documentation.
  5. Media sharing services enable consumers to share large files quickly. Services such as Google Drive and Dropbox enable you to upload files for online storage and easily share with friends and associates. Social media sites are easily accessible from most mobile devices. They are designed with media sharing as a core element of the service and provide an excellent platform to get feedback on various aspects of the property.


As the buyer, you are the target consumer of a lot of information. Tech tools help you collect, analyze, and share information flawlessly. Explore your choices and find a system that works to lower your logistical costs, enables quicker decision and smoothens an otherwise complicated process. Working with professionals such as Martin J. Stallone is a great way to guarantee that you get the information you need to purchase your next home.

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5 Real Estate Photo Tips Mon, 08 May 2017 21:12:13 +0000

1. Make Good Use of That Tripod.

What’s it even there for if you never use it; am I right? Pull out that sucker and show the positioning field of scope what it’s all about, my friend; you’ve got the power. HDR techniques are especially useful with a good tripod by your side. There’s so much more that a tripod allows you to do as it frees your hands and mind even more.

2. Bring Plenty of Flashes with You.

You never know when you’ll need them, and it’s usually when you least expect to use them. This has been the case with multiple new or seasoned photographers, and a good real estate photographer should be no less professional when he takes that money shot.

Whether in daylight or night-time darkness, you’ll be prepared.

3. Work within a Specified Contract, and Never Let It Leave Your Side.

As obvious as this fact would appear to most, you would be surprised to note the number of people that often fails to consider it or value its importance. The result is astounding, yet the simple point must be likewise repeated: Always read the fine print and understand it first. Never enter a contract until you’re fully certain of its terms and implications even if you assume that you know every dot and tittle. It never hurts to ask before signing away; in fact, it’s your right to do so. Keep your contract with you in case you need to review or address a part of it to the client.

4. Be Flexible and Relax: You’ve Got This. Open Yourself to the Possibilities.

The f word is key in this industry, and I don’t mean the f word that you’re probably thinking of: I refer to flexibility. This is an industry that requires much re-scheduling, re-shooting, re-pricing and overall re-planning. Are you prepared to handle such a flow? If not, then this may not be the best choice of careers for you. Sometimes the client or your boss will say, “Scratch that” and begin a new line of thought, leaving you scrambling to pick up the pieces within the looming deadline.

5. Make Pre-Set Editing a Friend.

This saves you both time and extra effort in the long run. Different cameras have varied settings for this with some far more elaborate than others and others far more elusive – yet nearly all professional cameras feature these settings unless yours was made before 1990 or some similar time. All joking aside, this is the first thing that you should do after you get your new camera: Learn its settings and features as you diligently browse that manual. Memorize the pre-set options so that you can use them as needed, and then apply them to your settings manually or automatically.

Rocco Basile has much to offer, so listen up. This special leader offers more tips on his main website. Check it out.

]]> 0 New Partnership to Help Homeowners Prepare Wed, 13 Jul 2016 22:52:03 +0000 Purchasing a new home can be stressful and emotional for everyone involved. There are many steps in the real estate journey from finding a trusted realtor to researching neighborhoods. Before beginning the journey, prospective homeowners should gather their financials. A new partnership between and ScoreApprove will help streamline this preliminary step in the home-buying process. Using the ScoreApprove web application, agents are able to invite their prospective homeowners to a free Home Affordability Assessment. Upon completion of the assessment, a Home Affordability Certificate is given with an estimate of the customer’s home-financing capabilities and TransUnion credit score provided by This new partnership offers some relief in an often long and strenuous process.

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Jared Londry’s Recent Commercial Sales Illustrate More Than Just the First Rule of Real Estate Thu, 28 Apr 2016 17:55:14 +0000 Jared Londry Realestate brokerCommercial real estate broker Jared Londry has been principally involved in some of the most impressive recent sales in the Charlotte area and beyond, and there is a great deal to be gained by other brokers seeking to achieve a similar degree of success in their own brokerage efforts. Of course, the commercial properties in which Londry represented sellers in transactions yielding as much as $39.5 million and quite a few others of well over $7 million were located in areas in which rapid business growth has contributed to an increase in demand for commercial real estate.

While the importance of location with regard to all real estate properties is an enduring and undeniable truth, the role played by Londry and his firm should not be overlooked and certainly should not be minimized. Preparing for and executing any sale of such magnitude requires quite a bit of expertise and diligence, and consistently executing sales such as these cannot be done well without a strict attention to detail and a work ethic that goes above and beyond any and all reasonable expectations.

Buyers of these kinds of properties do not make the decision to go ahead with such a sizable commercial real estate investment without performing their own due diligence and research, but it is worth noting that the buyer’s decision-making process can be aided by the broker representing the seller if they are able to provide the kind of comprehensive and relevant information all potential buyers need to evaluate before feeling comfortable enough to approve the transaction. This often requires the broker representing the seller to perform research that reveals what each buyer is seeking in a commercial property and what features they are likely to value most.

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Michael John Mally Gallery Mon, 25 Apr 2016 19:09:00 +0000 ]]> 0 Behrman Communications on Researching Real Estate Investment Strategies Fri, 15 Apr 2016 18:19:55 +0000  


Two generation family looking at a house for saleIt is an unfortunate truth of real estate investing that far too many first-time investors fail to properly research all of the various factors that will have an impact on the eventual outcome of the investment. A public relations and brand building firm such as Behrman Communications would likely compare failing to properly research a real estate investment as similar to walking into the offices of a publication for a deskside meeting without having read the publication or having made any attempt to develop even a modest understanding of the publication’s subject matter.

The difference, of course, is that the worst possible outcome for improper deskside meeting preparation is a missed promotional opportunity. The worst possible outcome for improper preparation for a real estate investment, on the other hand, is a potentially devastating financial loss. This is why there must be such a tremendous emphasis on proper preparation through a consistent commitment to researching real estate investment strategies.

It’s also critical for investors to understand the unique factors that may have an effect on the market in which they are considering making an investment in real estate, as market research is going to be every bit as important in ensuring the best possible return on investment as any other factor. One thing should remain clear, however, which is that failing to properly prepare for such a sizable investment through an appropriate commitment to research will result in greatly enhancing the risks associated with an investment that already carries a significant degree of uncertainty.

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Ironfish Reviews Evaluative Strategies for Successful Property Investment Tue, 12 Apr 2016 19:40:01 +0000 lawn-768316_960_720Assistance and support can come in many forms, and first-time property investors ought to be well aware of the fact that any kind of guidance that does not include education will leave the investor without the skills necessary to properly evaluate future properties. This is why Ironfish reviews its practices often to ensure that its clients are getting a full range of support that includes a clear focus on educating and empowering clients in such a way that each client is able to become increasingly confident in their ability to quickly and accurately evaluate the potential value of an investment property.

Many investors quickly learn that there is tremendous value in securing properties during the pre-public phase in order to avoid the demands of the market inflating the cost of making the initial investment. There is also a clear value in securing turnkey properties that have been completely vetted as a potential investment before making a commitment to purchase the property, and, as any real estate agent would likely be quick to note, beachfront and properties with scenic views are always in demand and tend to be easily moved regardless of the state of the market.

For first-time property investors, developing an understanding of the basic property investment principles is of paramount importance, but these first-timers also tend to be exceptionally eager to get started as well. This is why investors would be wise to seek out an investment program that offers guidance for developing a personalized strategy while also seeking to inform and empower the investor at the same time.

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Is Real Estate the Safest Investment Available? Thu, 21 Jan 2016 17:22:43 +0000 When most people begin looking at real estate properties, they do so with the knowledge that the purchase they make also represents a sound long-term investment. With recent developments that include a massive influx in real estate investors from overseas, it is fair to wonder whether real estate has become the safest and most effective form of investing available. There is indeed an argument to be made that real estate is now the most viable option for investors, but it should be noted that there is an art to selecting the best property in order to yield the greatest possible return.

The shrewdest investors understand the nuances and subtleties of the market, and they develop a detailed investment plan that lays out the short- and long-term goals and includes strategies for the achievement of those goals. In developing these plans, it is important to conduct due diligence regarding all of the relevant factors that will influence the level of success an investment will enjoy. Just as diligent advanced research is required to ensure bus charter safety, so too is it important to similarly investigate a potential real estate investment. This includes a thorough investigation of the area in which the prospective property is located and a detailed analysis of the potential for future growth that exists in that particular market.

It is also equally important for prospective investors to conduct a thorough exploration of the potentially available properties through the use of an approach that utilizes multiple avenues for acquiring real estate. While the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is the first resource that comes to mind, many investors miss out on properties that prove to be lucrative investments by failing to explore the real estate auctions. Under the right circumstances, valuable properties can be purchased for far below market value, which has an obviously positive impact on the investment’s potential for yielding a nice return on the initial outlay.

With market volatility becoming the norm in so many of the traditional realms of investment, the relative stability of the real estate market has made it one of the most popular and potentially safest form of short- or long-term investing. Even though more and more investors are putting their money into real estate as opposed to the more traditional options, it is still critical that prospective investors understand how to select a property according to their investment goals and recognize that real estate investing requires a nuanced approach in order for it to be as valuable as possible.

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Identifying the Strongest Real Estate Markets for 2016 Wed, 06 Jan 2016 23:18:39 +0000 While the real estate market as a whole is prone to upward and downward trends, there always seem to be certain markets that are somewhat immune to the factors that shape the strength or weakness of other geographic areas. There are a number of ways to evaluate various markets to determine which ones are poised to grow at rates that eclipse those of other areas, as the presence of significant international investments or innovative industries can insulate a market from a negative influence. There are sure to be changes from year to year, but the following four real estate markets are poised to enjoy the greatest deal of success for investors in 2016.


The rapid growth of this market has been a real boon for roofing contractors Phoenix, as there has been plenty of quality construction going on in the area as the real estate market continues to gain steam. With plenty of outside investment and a record of stable and consistent growth, the Phoenix area is increasingly being recognized as a strong market that warrants the attention of serious real estate investors. As an added benefit, there are many other incentives that come with living in the state of Arizona or investing in the real estate market by purchasing property within the state’s borders.

Los Angeles

There are just some markets where it seems that there is no possible way that the value of real estate can continue to grow, yet it inevitably does just that. With a high cost of living and its famously inconvenient traffic, Los Angeles has consistently enjoyed significant real estate growth going back several decades. Investing in this market requires access to a great deal of capital, but the return on the initial investment is so strong that it is entirely worthwhile to lay out such a significant figure. For investors capable of making such an outlay, the real estate market in Los Angeles may represent a safer option when compared to other markets in which property can be found at such a reduced rate.

New York

One of the most interesting developments in the real estate market over the past few decades has been the transformation of some of New York’s most infamous areas. It was not too long ago that Brooklyn — Williamsburg in particular — was considered so unsafe that property could be snapped up for pennies on the dollar. Properties in those formerly undesirable neighborhoods are now going for seven and eight figures, and similar opportunities exist throughout New York City to find properties in areas poised for rapid growth. Investors looking for a relatively short-term investment may find an ideal market in New York City.

San Francisco

Like Los Angeles, the price of real estate in San Francisco has always seemed to be so costly that there is no possible way to imagine it continuing to go up in value. The market in San Francisco, of course, is stronger than ever, with the city enjoying tremendous growth aided in part by the presence of many successful tech companies along with an influx of residents seeking to become part of the continuously booming tech industry. While the value of real estate is stronger than ever, the likelihood that a downturn is on the horizon is absolutely minimal. To enter the San Francisco real estate market, investors have to have quite a bit of capital at their disposal, but the potential for a sizable return in this market is as likely as ever

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