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Is Real Estate the Safest Investment Available?

When most people begin looking at real estate properties, they do so with the knowledge that the purchase they make also represents a sound long-term investment. With recent developments that include a massive influx in real estate investors from overseas, it is fair to wonder whether real estate has become the safest and most effective form of investing available. There is indeed an argument to be made that real estate is now the most viable option for investors, but it should be noted that there is an art to selecting the best property in order to yield the greatest possible return.

The shrewdest investors understand the nuances and subtleties of the market, and they develop a detailed investment plan that lays out the short- and long-term goals and includes strategies for the achievement of those goals. In developing these plans, it is important to conduct due diligence regarding all of the relevant factors that will influence the level of success an investment will enjoy. Just as diligent advanced research is required to ensure bus charter safety, so too is it important to similarly investigate a potential real estate investment. This includes a thorough investigation of the area in which the prospective property is located and a detailed analysis of the potential for future growth that exists in that particular market.

It is also equally important for prospective investors to conduct a thorough exploration of the potentially available properties through the use of an approach that utilizes multiple avenues for acquiring real estate. While the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is the first resource that comes to mind, many investors miss out on properties that prove to be lucrative investments by failing to explore the real estate auctions. Under the right circumstances, valuable properties can be purchased for far below market value, which has an obviously positive impact on the investment’s potential for yielding a nice return on the initial outlay.

With market volatility becoming the norm in so many of the traditional realms of investment, the relative stability of the real estate market has made it one of the most popular and potentially safest form of short- or long-term investing. Even though more and more investors are putting their money into real estate as opposed to the more traditional options, it is still critical that prospective investors understand how to select a property according to their investment goals and recognize that real estate investing requires a nuanced approach in order for it to be as valuable as possible.

Staying Safe While Traveling Solo

Kion Kashefi's Solo Travel

Solo travel has become a very popular topic. Here is a recent post from Dave’s Travel Corner by Kion Kashefi. In the article Kashefi gives a few options for staying safe when you’re traveling alone. Traveling alone is not the safest option, but as mentioned in the article, it’s often a different and unique experience. If you’ve never traveled alone you can’t understand how alone you really are.

A new locale, new people, new stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. This really emphasizes the solidarity you will feel if you solo travel for the first time. On your subsequent journey’s you will likely not feel as alone. For many people, the author not excluded, solo travel was very depressing. The author prefers to travel with companions and enjoys the company of friends and family.

USA Today has an article discussing the good sides of solo travel abroad while in college. In this author’s opinion, each of the proposed benefits is in itself a downside.

Janice at the wrote about the Good, Bad and Ugly aspects of Solo Travel and it’s a great read. The post is from 2011, but the information is still valuable today.

Shalee is unapologetic about her solo travel.

The Aussie Nomad believes solo travel should be forced on everyone! That’s a bold statement and the author obviously softens in the article.

Kion Kashefi's Solo Travel