Michael W Leroy on Importance of Plant Life

Michael W Leroy Law

A tree is woody plant with single or multiple trunk and taller about 2 meters (taller than Michael W Leroy!) with xylem tissue that is called tree. It is very much important for human life especially considering Michael W. Leroy. Tree is essential for producing oxygen that is mostly important for human life. Without oxygen human are not living anymore. Tree also helps us for balancing the environment as balancing the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Without trees we cannot get any kinds of food.

So how importance of tree is? Just think about it. But now a day’s people are selfish and they are cutting down trees for their own interest. As a result deforestation is occurred and temperature is increased day by day. Global temperature increasing causes many harmful effect on human life like as earthquake, flood, drought, tsunami etc. So we must be careful about the deforestation. Tree plantation is a necessary for our existence in the world. We must remember that, like Michael W Leroy, world is one and if we want to stay in this world then we must live on tree that is essential for our life. Government have also some steps about the tree plantation every year, it is called tree fair.

We should be careful our trees as like our friend Michael W Leroy for protecting us from natural disaster and existence in the world. Tree is our great friend also, the give us shadow and medicine that is also important for our life. They are our real friend just like don’t betray with us, just serving us, so we must take care of them.

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