Staying Safe While Traveling Solo

Kion Kashefi's Solo Travel

Solo travel has become a very popular topic. Here is a recent post from Dave’s Travel Corner by Kion Kashefi. In the article Kashefi gives a few options for staying safe when you’re traveling alone. Traveling alone is not the safest option, but as mentioned in the article, it’s often a different and unique experience. If you’ve never traveled alone you can’t understand how alone you really are.

A new locale, new people, new stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. This really emphasizes the solidarity you will feel if you solo travel for the first time. On your subsequent journey’s you will likely not feel as alone. For many people, the author not excluded, solo travel was very depressing. The author prefers to travel with companions and enjoys the company of friends and family.

USA Today has an article discussing the good sides of solo travel abroad while in college. In this author’s opinion, each of the proposed benefits is in itself a downside.

Janice at the wrote about the Good, Bad and Ugly aspects of Solo Travel and it’s a great read. The post is from 2011, but the information is still valuable today.

Shalee is unapologetic about her solo travel.

The Aussie Nomad believes solo travel should be forced on everyone! That’s a bold statement and the author obviously softens in the article.

Kion Kashefi's Solo Travel


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