Terry Simpson MD’s Tips to Healthy Cooking

Cooking healthy and good tasting meals is not always the easiest task to conduct, but according to Terry Simpson MD it can change your life and not to mention the expanse of it as well. It doesnt take much stuff your face with all the sweet tasting donuts and cakes that are offered in every store, but it does cost you much. One of those is expenses is your health. Reading up on the latest magazines about healthy cooking and healthy foods is only a step in the process, but actually doing it sometimes requires dedication and commitment. I say sometimes because some meals are not so hard to cook at all. Simply steaming vegetables instead of cooking them in butter is one easy way to eat vegetables healthier, or maybe even eating them raw, so by doing that your not even cooking at all.

Sometimes the first step to eating healthier is just eating less of the foods that you are eating now, for example, maybe eating less salt, or butter, mayonnaise or even dips, like ranch. Yes, we all know these things are tasty, but how important is your health to you, and better yet how important is the health of your family. Terry Simpson MD always has a glass of water with her dinner meals, instead of a soda or even juice which are most times high in sugar and preservatives. Sometimes it is also as easy as taking a walk after dinner to burn off those extra calories. Cooking healthy is not hard, it just takes a bit of learning your foods and their nutritional values, but more than anything it takes a little bit of love.

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