Where in the world can you find foreclosures?

USHUD.com is without a doubt the best place to find foreclosures information. The reasons are pretty simple. USHUD.com is 100% free to We all realize that the height of the foreclosures caused by the mortgage meltdown has slowed to a crawl. This is good for the economy and in a sort of counter intuitive way has increased the value of advertising foreclosures as they are more rare and are felt to be of higher value now more than ever.

When the foreclosure market jumped from 5% to 15% it got pretty hectic for anyone chasing down foreclosures as there were so many that it also created a depression in the market that actually worked against the value of the foreclosures as well as the surrounding homes that were not foreclosed on. Looked more like a gaping hole in space than a depression or indentation. Now that the foreclosures are more in line with the historical averages the value of each foreclosure has increased as has the information about the foreclosures themselves.

This is all a bit too much for the average homebuyer to take in but they don’t really care either.

The average home buyer wants to buy a foreclosure in the effort to save money on the purchase of a home. They don’t really care about the color of the carpet as they realize that most times it will be soured or in the best case may not be to the buyers taste.

USHUD.com is the largest foreclosure site in the country. We provide the most comprehensive list of actual foreclosures. There is a very large difference between actual foreclosures and pre foreclosures and this difference is that foreclosures are on the market while pre foreclosures are not on the market and may never be. Falling love with a home that is not on the market and may not be for years to come is a quick and easy way to bring on a frustration level that is not easy to overcome for the buyer or the real estate agent.

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