Month: March 2013

Jason Morgan TV Producer in Miami Beach?

Miami Beach
Miami Beach

This maps shows possible locations of Jason Morgan, Executive TV Producer, new TLC or History Channel TV show. The new Jason Morgan TV Show isn’t believed to be similar to the hit show “Pawn Queens” at this time.

If you haven’t been reading the news lately, Jason Morgan, Executive Producer, has been dominating the headlines with speculation of his latest TV show that may be filmed in Pismo.  Yesterday additional news about a TLC or CMT show focusing on a small business in Miami right on the beach.  This speculated new Jason Morgan TV show has been rumored to focus on a husband and wife who own a business that focuses on the “interesting clientele and lives they lead”. What exactly this means is yet to be seen.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jason Morgan, former Varuna Entertainment owner, pitches his new show to the History Channel or TLC.  Being in Miami Beach makes me believe that this television producer is less likely to approached by CMT as it might not be a good TV show for their general demographic.

This Jason Morgan TV production has been rumored to be filmed primarily in two locations, the beach business as well as the home of the stars of the show who have not been named.

The rumors might have originated from a camera crew member scouting locations with a big mouth.  Jason Morgan Television Producer has been known to stay tight lipped about his projects until they’re ready to be launched.  Some people have likened him to Apple with the way they keep products under wraps until they choose to unveil it.

At this time there is no additional news, but I will update this post with any more Jason Morgan Executive Producer news as it become available.